Communicate to keep your business going

Doing business in an increasingly complex and volatile world is a challenge. No matter how much we understand that life is change and we must adapt to it, change is still hard for us in our work and personal lives.

The past few years have been turbulent for many organizations. The climate movement helped change our mindset and companies realized they needed to step up and take their responsibility as global corporate citizens. Worldwide regulations pushed companies further into doing the right thing – cementing the realization that what is good for the planet is also good business for companies and their people.

Now throw into the mix a financial crisis, the likes of which we have not seen before, and the Coronavirus, which is spreading at an alarming rate. During times of crisis, we need more communication – not less. We need to do what we can to carry on with business, even under difficult circumstances.

The Coronavirus has highlighted the urgency and necessity of working in different ways. Our IRL meetings and conferences are cancelled, but business is not. The good news is that we already have communication tools to help us deal with our new reality. Tools that also boost a more sustainable way of working together.

At Involve, we can help you before, during and after your virtual conference or management meeting. We prepare activities and material beforehand, produce interactive webcasting and livestreaming of important meetings, and package the information and films so that the key messages reach the right target groups.

Communication is a powerful and effective tool when it comes to empowering employees to deal with change. And digital ways of working and interacting benefit both business and our planet.

Wondering what to do about that cancelled conference or management meeting? Want to know more about getting your message out to employees? Contact us directly at hej@involve.com

By Fiona Miller

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