The Involve Way
make the business
Everyone knows that you need to involve your people if you want to create real change. The main difference is that we act on this knowledge.
Your people are your business. We empower employees so that, together, they can achieve your business goals. We build your brand from the inside by breaking old habits and involving communication solutions. This increases the value of the company in the eyes of both employees and the outside world.
To create smart and sustainable communication, we start from where you are today and leverage the work you have already been doing in the form of strategies, guidelines and communication material. We package, simplify and translate the complex into something that is visually clear and concrete for everyone.
Involve has over 20 years’ experience in internal communication, change communication and learning and we work with many of Sweden’s most successful companies. We have developed unique methods to truly reach out to and engage employees. We always find the right solution and tone with our pedagogical and dramaturgical skills. We stay by your side through the stages of analysis, strategy, concept development, content creation, design, technical solutions and roll-out. And we make sure your communication reaches everyone.

We offer: